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FrontLine Street Intervention
P.O. Box 562
Round Lake Beach,
IL 60073

FrontLine Street Intervention

Mission Statement

Frontline Street Intervention is a not for profit, faith-based support group, with a goal to assist at-risk youth and adults in turning away from destructive behaviors.

Our desire is to equip men and women in leading productive lives in their communities by focusing on meeting their social, spiritual, and emotional needs.

We believe that working with parents, schools, churches, police departments, probation officers and community based organizations is essential in accomplishing our mission.

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The destructiveness of gangs, drugs, violence, crime, and teen pregnancy is a drain on community resources and clean up. But for some the "street life" is a way to make fast money, status, protection and order. The streets often replace the parents and/or the family that abandoned them and offers an individual a way to move up and out of a life they see as hopeless.

Whatever the reason may be for turning to the streets, the results are almost the same: values change, dangerous actions are encouraged, hatred takes root and illegal activities all become a part of everyday life. Eventually the streets leave a person's life empty of honorable purpose and full of negative values and actions. At times the person may find themselves wanting to walk away but also find themselves isolated and without many friends or support from family members whom they've hurt making it difficult to walk away.

Frontline Street Intervention offers escape and support to the person who desires to leave the "street lifestyle" to live a more meaningful life with a purpose. We ourselves have learned we can have all of our needs met through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. There is no forced "religious" experience-only a relationship with open caring adults whose involvement with them makes the difference!

Our goal is to positively impact the lives of men and women equipping them with the tools they need to overcome stongholds and to live victoriously.

Tattoo Removal
Those youth desiring to have their gang tattoos removed, free of charge through the Front Line Tattoo Removal Program must, go through our 6 month program in Round Lake Beach, IL. to qualify for tattoo removal.
Gang Color Trade-in
Front Line offers a program called-"GANG COLOR TRADE-IN", where former gang members turn in their old "gang color" clothing, and Front Line takes them shopping and buys them some new clothes. This is an excellent opportunity for the young people to make that final break from their former gang.

FrontLine Street Intervention
P.O. Box 562 Round Lake Beach, IL 60073

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